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The 1680 Madrid Auto-da-Fé

Zoom Seminar – Sunday 10th May 2020

Thank you to everyone who made our first seminar such a success, and especially thank you to our six new patrons. Our first goal is to achieve $100/month so that we can afford to use Zoom's more advanced features, and break-even on our costs. If you want to become a patron, please sign up at:

Our second seminar will look at the 1680 Madrid auto-da-fé. An auto-da-fé was the event at which the Inquisition announced prisoners' sentences.1680 was the last great Spanish auto-da-fé and happened at a key turning point in European and Sephardic history.

The seminar will be on Sunday at 21:00 Israel time; 20:00 Paris/Amsterdam time; 19:00 London time; 14:00 EST; and 11:00 PT.

Join us on Zoom at:

Meeting ID: 731 3915 5680
Password: 1deD3V

Our first newsletter, including links to websites discussed in our seminar on the Amsterdam archives, will be published soon.

In our third seminar, on 17th May 2020, Daniela Weil will discuss her new book, "The Diary of Asser Levy: First Jewish Citizen of New York", and about the founding of the first Jewish community in North America. If you know anyone who may be interested in our project, please invite them to sign up at:

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