Yamim Noraim Service Important UPDATE


Due to the severe limit on seating capacity 
in our Bet Hakeneset, 
anyone wishing to attend the 
Yamim Noraim services 
MUST first book a place 
 Wednesday 9th September 2020. 
This applies to members and friends alike 
however priority will be given to members. 
Anyone who has not booked a seat 
may find themselves without a place on the Yamim Noraim.  
Please complete your booking using this link:  
Shabbat Shalom


Please feel free to ask us any questions or requests you may need through this e-mail. We will get back to you, bli neder, asap.

Please send us any announcement you would like to make through our e-mail before Wednesday morning, if possible, unless there is a Yom Tob. Exceptions will be made for late entries

Be advised that we will only announce your simcha when you give us permission to do so

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Thank you, Hatzlacha & all the best