CST fundraising event till 9:30 pm TONIGHT

Dear Members & Friends of Moor Lane
the C.S.T needs no introduction
as to their continuous and amazing work they do day-in-day-out
to ensure the safety of ALL Jews in England 
they are currently running a fundraising campaign until tonight at 9:30 pm
Please click on the link below if you would like to donate to this amazing organisation 

CST exists to protect the Jewish community. Its work means that Jewish people can live vibrant, open, safe and secure Jewish lives with confidence. Securing shuls, schools and events across the land – wherever Jews gather together, CST is there to provide protection and reassurance.  


These are difficult times, with coronavirus impacting all of us, and causing unprecedented social and economic upheaval. History and common sense tell us that more extremism and more antisemitism are likely to follow such turmoil. Now is not the time to be complacent about the safety of our community. 


Moor Lane Shul has always worked in close partnership with CST to create a safe and secure environment for your congregation.  On every visit to the shul congregants can see the physical evidence of what CST does, from the fencing and gates keeping out those who would do harm, to the CCTV system keeping an ever-watchful eye over the site – linking in to our control room, where the security team are ready to run towards danger should the unthinkable happen.   


CST is not ‘just another charity’ but is part of the very fabric of our community and an intrinsic part of Jewish life throughout the UK. CST never charges for anything it does, it is always given for free.