Tehillim tonight 
*6.45pm* – 7.15pm
*This week ice-cream and cake*
No supper
Boys can play before and after from 6.40 till 7.30 
but there is no supervision before or after that
Going forward there will be refreshments 
but no supper for the moment
Mazal Tov
Daniel & Livy
on the safe arrival of their 
new baby Boy
Sheyegadel Laberit Bizmana
LaTorah Lahupa Ulemaasim tovim

Special Mazal Tov 
to our dear members 
Stuart & Shery Ailion
on their first grandson

Mazal Tov to all the family

would like to use this opportunity 
to wish Stuart & Shery
a big Mazal Tov
Thank you for all your years 
serving on the mahamad

Mazal Tov
R'Mordechai & Sharon Benady
on the engagement of their son
Rochel Cope

Special Mazal Tov
to our dear friends 
Mr & Mrs. D Salem

Mazal Tov to Families
Benady, Salem & Cope

Mazel Tov 
to ALL our dear members & friends
who have celebrated Semachot 
in the past few weeks

Please send your SIMCHA to our email 
so we can advertise it 
We only advertise 
when given permission by the 
'Baale Hasimcha' – those making the Simcha
to do so

May we always share in semachot…Amen