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                           Ladies’ Seating Plan 

                                  for the Yamim Noraim                                                                                     High Holy Days

Elul 5782

August 2021


Ladies’ Seating Plan for the Yamim Noraim – High Holy Days



Dear Ladies,


We hope this letter finds you well and in good health.


As we know tefila, prayer, is our strongest tool in
connecting directly to Hashem and especially during the upcoming
days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, now only a few days away. It is vitally important
that we use our tefilot to ask Hashem to inscribe each and every one of
us in the Book of Life and that all may merit a year of health and happiness.


The Shulhan Aruch expresses the importance of makom kabua, makon
– that a person’s regular and fixed place where he or she prays has
a direct relationship to the power of the tefila, to the extent that the
place a person prays is called kodesh – holy.


Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment on such special days we are
willing to reserve a seat for lady members of our community and this can be done by contacting Mrs Emma Jacobs directly or by email to moorlanenews@gmail.com.

Ladies who are non-members are also invited to apply for a seat and we will try to accommodate you as best as possible and availability. 


We will attempt, to the best of our ability, to allocate the seats
according to where the ladies sit throughout the year, but we cannot guarantee
how the seats will be allocated. We will also consider accommodating places for
unmarried girls over Bat Mitzva to sit next to or close to their mothers.


Please tick for which day(s):

1)     ONLY Rosh Hashana (2 days)                        _______

2)     ONLY Yom Kippur                                        _______

3)     BOTH (Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur)       _______


Please let us know below who the seat is for:

1)     Name  _______________________________

2)     Name  _______________________________

3)     Name  _______________________________

Please note, we will gladly reserve and allocate you a seat,
however, if for example, you are allocated a seat for Yom Kippur but can only
come for Ne’ilah please understand that your seat cannot be kept vacant
all day, when others could use the seat until you arrive.


Therefore, we endeavour to do the following:


A clear sign
will be posted asking ladies to respect the allocated seating plan by not
sitting in someone’s allocated place and to vacate the seat as soon as the lady


If someone is
sitting in your allocated seat when you arrive, you have the right to politely ask
that person to move.


We request
that you ask the lady to move in the most polite, discreet and nicest way
possible so as not to cause embarrassment, offence or any discomfort whatsoever.



Thanking you in advance.

Tizku leshanim rabot


The Gabbaim


 PS – Whilst there is no charge for allocating you a seat, any
donations made will be gratefully appreciated.


Members who received the 

Yom Kippur Hashkavot lists 

are reminded to reply to the emails received

so that the individual family hashkavot will be said in Yom Kippur

otherwise all list will be amalgamated into one list

and said one after the other